PD patients

Travelling for PD patients

Being treated with peritoneal dialysis (PD) does not mean you have to give up travelling. We make sure that you no longer have to worry about your dialysis treatment while your are on holidays: Our reliable team helps you to continue your peritoneal dialysis therapy while exploring new destinations around the world. If prepared in advance a lot of places are reachable.

The most important first step is to consult your PD nurse before planning your trip: She will help you to organise your treatment during the time of travelling and advise you on possibilities and destinations, and checks if the company can deliver the fluids you need to the country you wish to visit.

Whenever you want to travel, planning in advance is the key. As a dialysis patient you might have to do a little more planning than other travelers, but with our help it’s just a few steps and you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about your dialysis treatment.

Arrangements must be made well in advance with NephroCare, that the supplies, dialysis fluids can arrive in time to your holiday destination.

Some countries have restrictions on PD fluids being brought into the country, and require special clearance and documentation. All of these will be done by your Nephrocare team.

If you take your APD cycler with you, do not forget to take an extension cable and an extra long drain line with you. The nearest electrical socket or drain may be some distance from the bed.

Let´s go!

  • When you have choosen your holiday destination talk to our Holiday Dialysis team to coordinate your dialysis treatment during your vacation.
  • Contact us early so, we have enough time to support you in the dialysis coordination process.
  • Arrange delivery of fluids, lines and accessories with the company, they will advise you of any special documentation needed.
  • Ensure you have adequate supplies and medication and have a safety margin, in case of travel delays.
  • Find out the name, address and telephone number of the nearest Fresenius Medical Care renal unit to your destination. The NephroCare team will help you to get this information.
  • Relax – you’re in good hands!

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